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SADC meeting Heads of State
Indoor Flag Poles from left: Chrome, Afr

Indoor flagpoles are available ex stock in chrome, brass and our prestigious African Teak wood, which is fitted with solid brass couplings.


For events where large numbers of flag poles may be required, we have the economical chrome conference pole, which comes complete with a matt black tubular slip on base.


flagcccraft with sa pole and flag.jpg

Outdoor flag poles in 3m, 6m, 9m, and 12m height are available ex stock, with flag poles of a greater height or for specialist applications, available within two weeks of order, or sooner by arrangement.

Flag size largely determines the height of a flag pole.

Internationally the standard of five times the length of a landscape flag will determine the height of the appropriate flag pole.

Hence the correct height of flag pole to fly a standard 120cm x 180cm flag is 9m, although when special conditions apply, the 6m counterpart is frequently used. Generally the minimum height of the flag pole on which to fly the 180cm x 270cm Ceremonial flag is 12m.

Outdoor Flag Poles.png

Fiat South Africa head office Midrand, South Africa, with FlagCraft manufactured 360cm x 120cm flags and 9m hinge based flag poles.


Mild steel flag poles, which are either electro or hot dip galvanised and then powder coated, are the most popular choice for installations at offices, hotels, government departments etc.

Stainless steel flag poles are more expensive than mild steel but have the advantage of no maintenance and a high prestige image. These flag poles are used at important venues such as embassies, five star hotels and high profile commercial and governmental offices.

Fibre glass flag poles, colour impregnated and maintenance free have universal application. They are commonly used at coastal locations, which are subject to corrosive, saline atmospheric conditions.

Aluminium flag poles are predominantly for budget orientated installations where functionality is the key. However, on account of atmospheric pollution causing the aluminium to corrode, the resultant black aluminium oxide becomes fixed into the textile of a flag through abrading against the flag pole.

Hotel (1).jpg

Sun Square Hotel, Monte Casino Complex, South Africa. Angled flag poles fitted with FlagCraft designed and manufactured restrainer arms to prevent the flags wrapping themselves around the flag poles.

This discolouration cannot be successfully removed by cleaning, hence the visual life of the product is greatly reduced, necessitating premature flag replacement. It is essential that aluminium is either anodised or powder coated. Aluminium flag poles should not be considered to be maintenance free. If zero maintenance is a criteria, then either stainless steel or fibre glass flag poles are the best solution.

FlagCraft flag poles come complete with all fittings including galvanised or stainless steel foundation cages.

Installation is either by the customer following our simple procedural instructions, or alternatively, one of our highly professional installation crews may be retained at an additional charge.


Our flag poles are available with either an internal or external halyard mechanism. Internal halyard flag poles are more expensive but have the compensating advantage of making the installation virtually theft proof, as the rope is housed inside the flag pole. Furthermore, the internal halyard eliminates the noise of rope wind slap and as a result of the rope being protected from the sun, routine maintenance is greatly reduced.

All flag poles over 6m in height come complete with aesthetically pleasing low profile under-hinge base plates, which facilitates the lowering and raising of the flag pole.

For ease of transport, our flag poles come in component lengths of a maximum 6m, for on site, no tools required, friction fitting, to make up the final length of the flag pole.


Holiday Inn Sandton, South Africa, with FlagCraft manufactured international and corporate 120 x 180cm Standard Flags and 9m hinged based flag poles


Banner Poles.jpg

Reconstructed photo with banner poles superimposed to portray design detail

An increasingly standard feature at shopping complexes, our single or dual armed banner poles provide an eye catching static platform from which to display branding or information signage. As with our conventional flag poles, these products are manufactured from sturdy mild steel, which is either electro or hot dip galvanised and then powder coated for maximum protection from the elements.



 27m flag pole manufactured by FlagCraft situated at our offices.

Fortaleza de Sao Miguel Luanda Angola 2

75m flagpole not manufactured by FlagCraft at Fortaleza de Sao Miguel, Luanda, Angola, flying a 12m x 18m Angolan FlagCraft, manufactured flag.

Mega refers to flag poles which are of extraordinary height. 

These flag poles are engineered and designed according to customer requirement and are transportable in 6m, hot dipped galvanised, white epoxy coated sections, for direct, on site, friction fit, telescopic assembly.

The appeal of Mega flag poles is for the enormous presence and statement they make, graphically portraying the importance of a city or province.



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