We know that designing a custom flag can be can be a time and energy consuming exercise. 

FlagCraft is a dedicated manufacturer of flags, so we have control over the entire process and provide the level of service demanded by our customers. 


Historically flags were flown from sunrise to sunset only. More recently it has become acceptable for them to be flown continuously, 24/7, given that the flag is satisfactorily illuminated during the hours of darkness.

Generally flags are only flown at half mast to observe solemn occasions at the bequest of the Head of State. Correct procedure obliges the flag to be raised to the top of the flag pole and then lowered, such that the middle of the flag is positioned in the middle of the flag pole.

International flags must always be treated with respect for this, the primary symbol of a nation or organisation and in most countries, never allowed to touch the ground, however in some middle eastern and other countries, the flag is touched to the ground as an acknowledgement of respect for the soil.

Flag cleanliness is not only important for visual considerations but also as a sign of respect.

International flags that have exceeded their useful life, should, generally, be either burnt or cut into sufficiently small pieces to render the portions unrecognisable and then disposed of discreetly. It should be noted however that in some countries it is illegal to burn the flag under any circumstances.

The flag of the host country should always be raised first and lowered last, unless some special protocol consideration overrides this formality.

In most countries the host country flag is positioned to afford maximum prominence, with other country's flags arranged to the right, generally but not necessarily, in alphabetic order.

No country flag should be flown higher than, or of a larger size than that of another country, when flown in the same immediate vicinity.

Corporate and organisational flags may be flown at the same height as a country flag.

It is not generally considered proper to fly more than one flag per flag pole.


Regular flag cleaning and maintenance will significantly extend the life and look of your flag. Given the high visibility of flags and to maximise the return on your investment, it is essential to ensure that they are always presented at their best. A flag represents the most visible symbol of a principal, which will create a good or bad impression, depending on its condition. 

Cleaning Flags

Strong sunlight and high levels of atmospheric pollution make it essential that flags are cleaned as often as necessary, but at intervals of not greater than one month.

Comprehensive cleaning instructions are woven into the FlagCraft product label, which is sewn securely onto all textile products that we manufacture.

For best results we recommend that two sets of flags are rotated between washing and flying. Flags should be washed either by hand or machine in COLD water with normal washing powder, then lightly ironed or dry cleaned before storage. Flags must be completely dry before storage.

Hot water will not damage the flags, however the heat will, over a period of time, fix pollutants into the fibre of the textile, which will grey its appearance and reduce the brilliance of colours.

Flags Repairs

To maximise the useful life of a flag any broken stitching should be immediately over stitched to prevent rapid fraying.



FlagCraft is a focused, dedicated manufacturer of flags and related products. Whilst we provide a professional design, siting and advisory service, we believe that the most cost effective and task efficient means of keeping flags in top condition, is for the user to either hand or machine wash the flags, or arranging for them to be professionally laundered or dry cleaned.

As an aid to our customers, FlagCraft have arranged for a price discounted flag collection and cleaning service to be provided by Boston Launderers, who may be contacted as detailed below, or through local Steiner service centres nation wide

Flag Servicing Department
Boston Launderers (Pty) Ltd
Tel (011) 398 5300
Fax (011) 398 5307
or consult your local telephone directory.


Steiner Hygiene Head Office Contact Details:
Call Centre: 0860 10 11 80
Tel: +27 11 923 9490
Fax: +27 11 923 9520
110 Loper Ave Aeroport, Spartan Extension 2,
P.O. Box 487, Isando 1600

Boston Launderers is a member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed Bidvest Group and is the largest commercial laundry company in Africa, with cleaning facilities in all major centres in South Africa.

PLEASE NOTE that FlagCraft does not benefit financially from this service, which has been arranged solely for the practical convenience of our customers.


Art Work Supplied

We require artwork files that are PDF/ Adobe illustrator (AI) or Corel Draw (cdr) in vector format, with font outlines to paths or converted curves, with Pantone colour codes specified where possible.

If the artwork is not supplied in a format ready for print,  it will have to be redrawn. Depending on the complexity of the design and the quality of the files provided, an additional fee may be charged.

If you do not have any artwork or incomplete artwork, we have a fully staffed design team that can assist  in creating the artwork needed.


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