Premier quality long life polyester textile, printed with the highest wash and light fastness dispersed dyes available, with make up to the very best international standards.

Flags of all countries of the world, including the leading NGO's are available in all their popular sizes ex stock, for same day dispatch ie:

  •  Table Flags 10cm x 15cm,

  •  Desk Flags 20cm x 30cm 

  •  Standard Flags 120cm x 180cm.

Flags of larger sizes ie:

  • Ceremonial Flag 180cm x 270cm

  • Grand Ceremonial Flag 360cm x 540cm or Mega custom variant sized flags are available as special orders.

Table and Desk flags are printed on light weight polyester textile and are supplied complete with hand-finished African Teak wood base and pole sets, or our cost competitive plastic alternatives.

Base sets are available as singles, doubles, triples or multiple units.

Hand waver flags in paper or polyester textile are supplied on wooden dowel sticks for sport events, political rallies etc

We will reproduce any design, including corporate logos, trademarks, organisational emblems and coats of arms, and create a flag of world class quality.

A complimentary flag protocol advisory service and computerised custom design facilities are at your disposal.

Full colour CMYK half-tone prints of the highest quality are available.

Washing instructions are woven into the FlagCraft product label on all textile products.

FlagCraft Paddle Flags and Ribbon Flags, with their demountable flag pole sets, are the immediate solution to the demand for a high visibility, festive and portable flag presence.

Flag poles of a maximum 420cm height are offered, which can accommodate a 275cm x 95cm Paddle flag or the 275cm x 60cm Ribbon flag. Both products are 360° swivel based, manufactured from durable shock cord connected aluminium tube sections and come complete with a galvanised mild steel spike base and carry bag.

Also available is the collapsible cross base, which may be fitted with a retractable motor vehicle park-on extension leg.

The extension leg can be either recessed under the base when not required, located on the wind lee side of the flag pole for additional stability, or placed to enable a vehicle to park one wheel on the leg, facilitating deployment of the set in areas where it is not appropriate to peg the base into the ground, i.e. show room floors, sealed parking areas, etc.

Both flag set products can be used individually; however multiple set applications will clearly establish your presence. These units have been designed for simplicity of installation and are recommended for low to moderate wind conditions.

Paddle Flag is a registered name and design of FlagCraft International.

FlagCraft demountable aluminium flag pole clusters create a magnificent display of corporate identity at show stands, or as outdoor displays, where high visibility is required in a restricted space.

Two options are available: the light weight, 275 x 60cm Ribbon Flag Mini-Cluster unit, or the more robust Magnum Cluster, which can accommodate flags up to 360 x 120 cm size.

Similar to the Paddle Flag, Ribbon Flag and Mini Cluster units, the Magnum Cluster stands are supplied complete with demountable shock cord connected aluminium tubular flag poles, electro-galvanised mild steel bases, storm pegs and a convenient carry bag.


The product is designed for portability, ease of installation, and are recommended for deployment in low to moderate wind conditions.

Photo taken during zero wind conditions depicting a conventional unsupported flag size 400 x 140cm next to a flag fitted with a Flag Extender.

FlagCraft International has recently secured the Africa distribution rights for Flag Extender, an internationally patented device that fits into a series of sleeves at the top of a flag, which results in the flag being fully deployed, even when there is no wind. The adjacent photo, shot during zero wind conditions, shows a flag fitted with a Flag Extender next to a conventional unsupported flag.

Until the advent of the Flag Extender, the only way to consistently present a fully deployed flag was to utilise a rotating head flag pole, the disadvantages of which are as follows:

1. Cost. Additional costs are incurred, associated with the expense of manufacturing a heavier duty flag pole and expense of a dual sealed bearing rotating head mechanism.

2. Difficulty. The only way to change the flag on a rotating head flag pole is to remove the foundation nuts and lower the entire flag pole. This is a time and effort consuming process, which requires at least four staff for a 9m flag pole and up to six staff for a 12m flag pole.

Accordingly, in storm prone locations, where it is preferable to remove the flag during inclement weather conditions, such a procedure on a rotating head flagpole becomes impractical, resulting in significantly diminished flag life.

No modifications are needed to a conventional flag pole to allow the use of a Flag Extender fitted flag and only the addition of cleats and a pulley and rope fitted flag pole cap, are required to convert a rotating head flag pole to a conventional flag pole. A conversion kit is available.


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